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Land Surveying

Land Surveying is the profession of measuring land and gathering information for the purpose of determining property boundaries, providing a basis for engineering designs and/or construction purposes. The latest surveying techniques are used both in the field and the office. In-house computers are used to reduce field notes, balance traverses, compute boundary line locations, areas and draft maps. A robotic total station is used to collect field data.

Coolong Land Surveys provides the following survey services:

  • Deed Research in order to determine or verify deed boundaries.
  • Boundary Survey that compares field measurements of existing evidence with deeds to determine ownership, provide boundary line agreements in areas where problems exist, provide survey reports, plat property and monument boundaries.
  • Global Positioning System Survey and Area Determination using sub-meter gps units combined with a laser range finder for rapid location work, as well as sub-centimeter gps units for survey control work.
  • Boundary Dispute Resolution.
  • Boundary Line Maintenance.
  • Topographic Surveys.
  • Subdivision Layout.
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