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Forestry is defined as: The science, the art and the practice of managing and using for human benefit the natural resources found on and in association with forested lands.

Professional Foresters provide consulting services to their clients who are in need of technical advice and/or require assistance in managing their forested lands.

Forestry consists of many fields of specialization including: timber inventory, insect control, disease control, fire control, civil engineering, recreation, timber harvest and reforestation. These disciplines taken either in total or in part are necessary in managing a forest.

Coolong Land Surveys provides the following forestry and consulting services:

  • Timber Cruising by systematically measuring sample plots on forested land for inventory purposes.
  • Stand Type Classification that determines forest types such as softwood, hardwood, mixed wood, wetland, etc. Useful in assessing value of land placed under Tree Growth Tax.
  • Trespass Cut Estimates where measurements for volume estimates and species determination of tree stumps are taken on an area where timber has been removed either by mistake or on purpose. Useful for placing a value on the volume of timber removed so that proper compensation can be made to the injured party.
  • Timber Marking where trees are marked so that the desired species or volume will remain after a harvest. Also can be performed on very small lots for a desired woodland appearance.
  • Forest Management Plans for Tree Growth Taxation or long term forest planning.
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